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High School Education Departments

Melissa Cruz

Melissa Y. Cruz

High School Executive Director

(956) 473-2142


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High School Education

Secondary Education is committed to providing support to a dynamic staff that will challenge, excite, and inspire students to experience authentic learning and real-world applications for the 21st century. Teachers conscientiously strive to incorporate real-life learning opportunities and numerous hands-on projects within their lessons. We understand that every classroom represents an incredibly diverse group of learners, each of whom has a wide range of strengths and needs making the instructional support a key element to student academic success. Consequently, we vow to work continuously with our high school educators to ensure that the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards and student expectations are seamless with our scope and sequence. Our goals will continue to focus on the successful preparation of curriculum for our diverse population to meet and exceed both state and federal accountability standards.

The mission of this department is

  • To provide support for every member of a high school program
  • To provide every member of a high school program with the current instructional, assessment, and accountability trends
  • To construct, evaluate, and modify curriculum (scope & sequence) that best meets the needs of state and national standards
  • To increase students’ college readiness expectations thru instructional based opportunities and SAT/ACT preparation classes
  • To support classroom educators via targeted professional development opportunities
  • To guide educators on how to best use technological mediums
  • To support and monitor classroom educators using differentiated instructional models for diverse learners
  • To expose high school students to the new post-secondary State Core Curriculum: 21st Century Competencies

For us to meet our goals, we consciously understand that parents, educators, and community members must actively contribute to the transformation of our children to become a productive and cognitive adolescent for a post-secondary career or a skillful workforce individual.

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*As stipulated by TEC 29.916 and United ISD School Board Policy EK (LEGAL), home schooled students may attend public school to participate in the PSAT/AP Exams administration. Specific registration information can be obtained by contacting the counseling office at the high school that would be the student’s designated campus.

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High School Education

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