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High School ELA

Mary Lou Lopez

Anell Ramirez-Garcia

High School Coordinator

(956) 473-2085


English Language Arts

The English Language Arts Department is committed to providing meaningful learning experiences that will empower students to thrive in the 21st century. We inspire all students to become responsible world citizens by pursuing excellence through lifelong learning in order to enhance their lives and our community. 

Our purpose is to support teachers by providing a data-driven comprehensive scope and sequence, professional development opportunities, and effective feedback to ensure the highest quality of instruction.

Program Overview

Secondary English Language Arts is dedicated to developing a TEKS-based curriculum that includes readings from various literary genres including American, British, and world literature. The literary and informational selections guide students to become inferential and analytical readers. The RLA courses allow students to improve their writing skills through the study of grammar and mechanics.  The focus is also on composition of various written texts, research projects and short constructed responses. The RLA courses stress the importance of spoken and written language acquisition, college readiness, and reading and writing on a daily basis. The following are the RLA courses provided in high school:


English I

English II

English III

English IV

English I PreAP

English II PreAP

English III AP,
Language and Composition

English IV AP,
Literature and Composition

Creative Writing

Practical Writing


TSI College Prep English IV


Research Technical Writing

SAT Prep

College Prep


STAAR 10th

College Readiness

STAAR 12th


STAAR 11th



High School Education - English Language Arts (ELA)