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Secondary Science

Claudia Gabrillo

Claudia Gabrillo

Middle School Coordinator

(956) 473-2089


Lucy Maldonado Gonzalez

Lucy Maldonado Gonzalez

High School Coordinator

(956) 473-5243


The Department of Instruction for Secondary Education in Science is designed for the purpose of providing rigorous and relevant curriculum, valued resources and support to campuses.

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, educational research, and data analysis are instrumental in the writing of curriculum and assessments, the development and implementation of professional development and the focus of instructional support. In addition, the research and data are used for the implementation of programs and initiatives that aim to pique the interest of our students in science. The ultimate goal is to ensure our students acquire the factual and conceptual understanding that science offers so that they may show mastery in our state assessments and ultimately learn that to know science is to know about the world.

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