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Adaptive Aquatics

Adaptive Aquatics

United ISD provides water safety and swimming instruction for Elementary, Middle, and High School “Life Skills/ S.F.L” students. UISD’s American Red Cross aquatic program called “Adapted Aquatics Swimming Program” is used as the core for the instructional curriculum.

The purpose of the “Adapted Aquatics Swimming Program” is to orient students to the aquatic environment and to create a foundation for learning fundamental swimming and safety skills. Administrators, teachers, and parents play an important role in the aquatic experience. Everyone’s combined effort leads to student success. The following guidelines will assist students as they participate in this wonderful learning opportunity.

  1. Students should leave all jewelry, glasses, money and valuables at home or school.
  2. Students should bring a towel and appropriate/non-restrictive swimwear to avoid struggling to dress. Extra t-shirts, goggles, and flip-flops are recommended. (Please label all items with the student’s name).
  3. Students should be encouraged to participate in all lessons to maximize learning.
  4. Reviewing dressing room behavior is also important. This includes:
    1. ​Dress quickly and quietly
    2. Use bathroom before reporting to your station
    3. Handle only your own clothes and towel
    4. No running or playing in the dressing rooms
    5. Students should always be on their best behavior at the Aquatic Center


  1. Obey the Lifeguards
  2. No horseplay, No weapons / firearms
  3. Shower before entering the water
  4. No flips from edge of the pool
  5. Do Not pretend to drown
  6. No food, drinks or chewing gum in pool area
  7. Non-swimmers must be supervised by an adult at all times
  8. No diapers in the pool area

All lessons will be under the direction of the Carroll E. Summers Jr. Aquatic Center staff members. Personnel are certified by the American Red Cross and have a vast array of aquatic experience in water safety courses and Lifeguard training. Each Aquatic Center employee also holds American Red Cross training in First Aid and CPR and is dedicated to providing UISD students with the best in lessons, care, and supervision.

Thank you parents, administrators, and teachers for your efforts on behalf of the UISD students!

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