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About the "United We Swim" Program

About the “United We Swim” Program

The United ISD will provide water safety and swimming instruction for all elementary students within the second grade. Our American Red Cross based program, called the “United We Swim” is the core instructional curriculum. The Texas Essential Knowledge Skills are aligned with this program to ensure quality instruction to the education process. 

Safety lessons teach children and instill safe behavior in and around the water. The purpose of the “United We Swim” program is both to orient students to the aquatic environment and to create a sound foundation. Doing this insures our students gain a respect for aquatic environment and safety skills.

Our classes integrate life-long examples. Our lessons include: understand basic water safety rules, learning how to use a life jacket, know how and when to get help, perform reaching assists with equipment, enter/exit water independently, submerge face, blow bubbles, bouncing, walk while maintaining balance, supported floats, and alternating arm action.

Our standard “United We Swim” brings Administrators, teachers, and parents together to play an important role in the aquatic experience.  Our belief that with a “UNITED” combined effort our actions will lead to student success both in and out of the classroom.  The following guidelines will assist Administrators, teachers, and parents as their elementary students participate in this wonderful learning opportunity.

All lessons will be under the direction of Carroll E. Summers Jr. Aquatic Center staff members.  All personnel are certified by the American Red Cross with aquatic experience in water safety courses and / or Lifeguard Training. We are “UNITED” in our dedication to providing United ISD students with the best aquatic experience, care, and supervision.

Thank you parents, administrators, and teachers for your efforts on behalf of the United ISD students!

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