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felipe jimenezFelipe J. Jimenez

Budget Manager

(956) 473-6354


The budget office is responsible for the preparation and adoption of the District budget.  The Board of Trustees must adopt annually a budget for the General Operating Fund, Debt Service Fund and Child Nutrition Fund.

The 2020-2021 United Independent School District expenditure budget includes $401,671,375 (General Fund), $41,794,793 (Debt Service Fund), and $28,648,374 (Child Nutrition Fund) for a total budget of $472,114,542.

Projected revenue is based on the tax rate of $1.198840.  The Maintenance and Operations (General Fund) tax rate will decrease by $0.0036 and the new rate will be $0.9664.  The Interest and Sinking (Debt Service Fund) tax rate will

increase by $0.0036 and the new rate will be $0.232440.








Name Position Email Phone
Felipe J. Jimenez Budget Manager (956) 473-6354
Christina Estrada Staff Accountant (956) 473-6350
Sergio Morales Budget Accountant (956) 473-6224
Martha Livas Budget Bookkeeper (956) 473-6291
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