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Business & Finance Division

Samuel D. Flores

Samuel D. Flores

Assistant Superintendent for Business and Finance

Phone: (956) 473-6222


The Division of Finance is responsible for the financial management for United Independent School District through the preparation and reporting of the financial condition of the governmental, proprietary and fiduciary funds.

Services provided include:

  • Preparation and distribution of monthly, semi-monthly, substitute payroll and related employee benefits
  • Generation of disbursements and maintenance of all records for paid invoices
  • Investment of District funds according to the Public Funds Investment Act
  • To overlook the student activity accounts at the campus level
  • Administration of the district’s debt and compliance of payment deadlines
  • To comply with external regulatory requirements of Federal and State Grants through the submission of monthly/quarterly financial reports and requests for payment
  • Reconciliation of District cash accounts, and
  • To assist in the preparation and administration of the District’s Annual Operating Budget.

Our firm belief is to treat all employees with courtesy, dignity, and respect – no question or problem is too large or too small for personal attention.


Payroll Dates

Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports

Annual Investment Report


Required Posting Budget Summary

Accounting Office Information

Treasury Management