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Joe E. Aranda

Joe E. Aranda

Executive Director

(956) 473-6437


Committed to Safety and Service

Our goal in the Transportation Department is to provide safe and efficient transportation to and from school to all eligible students attending the United Independent School District.

As we enter a new school year, we ask all parents and bus riders, to take the time to read and sign an acknowledgment of receipt of the Bus Rider Handbook. You may request an extra copy at your school office or directly from the bus driver. This handbook explains regulations, gives procedures and provides useful information designed to render the best transportation service possible to our students.

Community members, Parents, School Personnel, Security Officers and Bus Drivers must work together to protect our students. Expect the unexpected is our motto. Children can dart into the street from between the cars or in front of the stopped School Bus. Be extremely cautious when driving anywhere where children are likely to be. Obey school bus traffic rules at all times.

If you should have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact our offices at the North or South Transportation Compounds respectively. Our hours of operations are from 6:00am-5:00 pm Monday through Friday on school days.


Name Position Email Phone
North Compound
Joe E. Aranda Executive Director (956) 473-6494
Daniel Trevino Operations Administrator (956) 473-6382
Carmen W. Garza Secretary to Executive Director (956) 473-6437
Roxanne Casanova Bus Video Camera Technician (956) 473-6429
Cynthia De La Rosa Field Trip Clerk (956) 473-6381
Laura Garcia Office Aide (956) 473-6423
Aixa Cabrera Office Aide (956) 473-6330
Cynthia Gomez Special Ed 504 Officer (956) 473-6424
Dalia Gutierrez Kronos/Discipline Clerk (956) 473-6384
Juan Mario Solis Dispatcher (956) 473-1957
Juan Ramon Martinez Route Specialist (956) 473-6383
Rafa Robles Head Mechanic (956) 473-6386
Stacy Snow Special Ed 504 Officer (956) 473-6424
Olga Benavidez Purchasing Clerk   (956) 473-6328
South Compound
David Hernandez Operations Administrator (956) 473-6372
Laura Escalera Field Trip Clerk (956) 473-5338
Oscar Garcia Route Supervisor (956) 473-6385
Sandra Hernandez Route Specialist (956) 473-5218
Kathy Munoz Dispatcher (956) 473-5232
Fidel Navarro Dispatcher (956) 473-5230
Nancy Rodriguez Kronos/Discipline Clerk (956) 473-5339
Rolando Rubio Bus Video Camera Technician (956) 473-5296
Cynthia Urbano Special Ed 504 Officer (956) 473-5270
Mayra Arce Office Aide (956) 473-5272
Ricardo Fantini Head Mechanic (956) 473-5217
East Compound
Javier Rangel Operations Administrator (956) 473-1970
Priscilla Lopez Officer Clerk   (956) 473-5230
Brenda Rincon Kronos/Discipline Clerk (956) 473-1958
Brenda Arce Special Ed 504 Officer (956) 473-1966
Cornelio Cepeda Route Specialist (956) 473-1851
Delia Flores Dispatcher (956) 473-1956
Oscar Garcia Route Supervior
(South and East) (956) 473-1964
Rolando Herrera Bus Video Camera Technician (956) 473-1960
Annie Salinas Planning Analyst (956) 473-1968
Jose Gomez Dispatcher (956) 473-1970


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