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Student Eligibility

The parameters to define bus riding eligibility are determined by the Texas Education Agency. In general a student must live two (2) miles as measured along the shortest route that may be traveled on public roads, from their assigned school to be eligible for regular education school bus transportation to and from school.

Students who transfer to a school other than their assigned school are not eligible for bus transportation.

Special Education Programs

Students eligible for transportation to special education programs are resident district students with disabilities, impairments, or both who are eligible for special education services and would be unable to attend school and benefit from their special education program of instruction without the availability of specialized transportation. To be eligible for special education transportation, a student must attend the closest available program for his or hers zoned school. Title 84 CRF 300.16 Justification for this service may require that it be outlined in an admission, review, and dismissal (ARD) committee meeting.

Requests for Transportation Services

Each request for transportation services must be properly submitted to and processed by the appropriate campus transportation contact person. Please contact your student's campus administrative office and they can assist you with any questions on eligibility on requesting transportation services for your child.

Only authorized U.I.S.D. personnel at each campus in conjunction with the Transportation Department, are permitted to approve transportation status changes. This policy is enforced to ensure that confidential student information is not inadvertently disclosed to an unauthorized person or persons. Students who have not properly submitted requests for services or whose requests have not been properly processed by their campus transportation contact person can not be allowed access to the U.I.S.D. transportation services.

In the interest of the students safety, the U.I.S.D. Transportation Department cannot accept requests or changes to a student transportation status directly from the student or their parents or guardian.

Request for Transportation Services Format

Fill this format completely and bring to your school administrator (to see and print this format click in the bus). If you do not have access to a printer please request this format at your school administrative office.

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