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Bus Rider Safety

United I.S.D. provides transportation services to eligible students to attend their assigned campuses. Transportation is a privilege. Transportation is not a right. Students are required to obey appropriate safety and conduct rules to remain eligible for transportation services.

Students are responsible for contributing to the safe operation of the Bus.

Before Boarding the Bus

  • Arrive at your designated stop at least five minutes prior to your scheduled time. United I.S.D. does not have another bus to pick up students if they were late for their pick up time.
  • Be careful in the loading area. Wait in an orderly, single line for the bus, avoid horseplay. Stay out of the street or bus drive while waiting for the bus.
  • Approach the bus entrance only after the bus has come to a complete stop.

After Boarding the Bus

  • Obey the Bus Driver's direction.
  • Go to the closest available seat or to your designated seat; stay seated until you arrive to your bus stop. The bus driver may assign a student a designated seat.
  • Speak in a classroom voice. Loud speech or loud laughter causes distraction to the driver. Rough-housing or horse play on the bus will not be tolerated, any of this may result in the temporary or definitive suspension of transportation services.
  • Buses are property of the United I.S.D.. If a student (bus rider) causes any damage to or vandalizes the bus, the perpetrator and/or the parent or legal guardian will be financially responsible for the costs involved to repair the damages.
  • Never throw an object inside or out of the bus. Keep all parts of your body (head, arms and legs) inside the bus at all times.
  • Observe the rules of good conduct and show courtesy to everyone. The use of vulgar language, rude gestures, or malicious behavior toward the bus operator or any other passenger, or another motorist will not be tolerated.
  • Bus Riders may may ride only their assigned bus and will be discharged/dropped-off only at their designated stop.

Parent Responsibilities

  • Teach your child their full name, home address, and telephone number where an adult family member can be contacted in case of an emergency.
  • Review with your child the above listed School Safety Rules and the United I.S.D. Bus Rider's Handbook.
  • Any emergency change to a bus stop must be requested in writing by the parent, signed and approved by the School Principal before executed. This is a protection for your child.

All provisions of the United I.S.D. Student Code of Conduct apply to students (and to all other Bus Riders) when being transported by United I.S.D. Transportation Department. Violations to said code will be referred to the appropriate administrator or authority for disciplinary action as approved by the School Board.

Code of Conduct Violations and/or Safety Rules Violations may result in a temporary or possible permanent loss, of the student's transportation service.

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