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2024-2025 Registration Procedures for Newly Enrolled Elementary & Middle School Students


United ISD Volunteer Tracker Guide




At United ISD our goal is to encourage parent involvement in the education of their children. Student success usually occurs when there is a strong bond between students, schools, and parents! Fostering a strong relationship is rooted in frequent collaboration and communication with your child’s teachers and being an active partner in your child’s educational journey.


We know parenting is delightful and at times, challenging. United ISD is here to help you on this journey! United ISD offers a variety of resources including newsletters, parenting guides, activity calendars, and videos available in English and Spanish and targeted to both the secondary and elementary levels. We hope these tools will serve as an additional avenue to encourage parent participation as well as reinforcing the bond between students, schools, and parents. Parents may also contact their child’s school for more information or resources as well as pose a question to “Ask the Experts” and you will receive an e-mail providing you with guidance or information in response to your question. The Parental Involvement Dept. is always updating the resources and tools available. Please be sure to visit this site frequently!


United Independent School District appreciates members of our community who volunteer their time to support students.  We encourage parents and community members to serve as school volunteers by submitting a Volunteer application to the respective school counselor.  The success of our schools greatly depends on the work of volunteers!

Testing/Assessment Resources

Want to know your child’s state testing scores? This section helps parents understand their child’s state assessment scores by visiting the resources below. Links to information that every parent needs to know about the STAAR and STAAR End of Course (EOC) are all located here. For additional information, you may also visit our Student Assessment website.

¿Desea conocer las puntuaciones de las evaluaciones estatales de su hijo? Esta sección ayuda a los padres de familia a conocer las puntuaciones de las evaluaciones estatales de sus hijos al ingresar a los siguientes enlaces.  Aquí se encuentra la información que todo padre necesita conocer sobre las evaluaciones STAAR y los exámenes STAAR de Fin de Curso (End of Course – EOC).  Para más información, también puede ingresar al portal Student Assessment.

Testing/Assessment Resources

Curriculum-Based Assessments (CBAs)

Student Assessment Documents


Student Code of Conduct

Parent Resources

Admissions Links

Special Education - Legal Framework