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United ISD - Volunteer Tracker

School Volunteers At United ISD

United ISD Volunteers are parents, business or community members who are willing to donate their time and expertise assisting with activities in one or more schools. 

UISD will now be using a new automated volunteer management program called App-Garden Volunteer Tracker to make the process easier for our volunteers. 

Individuals who seek to serve as volunteers must submit an application (see instructions below) prior to beginning a volunteer activity. All of our school volunteers are required to have a background check before they can participate as a volunteer.


To access the United ISD – Volunteer Tracker app visit the App-Garden website. The first time you access the system you will need to click on “New Registration” to register your email address, create a password, and create an account.

Parent Volunteer Process Registration

Once completed you will receive an email confirming your email address. Click on the link within the email to access the registration page. For more assistance, please call your respective campus or the Office of Admissions, Attendance and Family Services (SanJuanita Amador) located at 201 Lindenwood Dr. Portable 7 or 956-473-8772 and 956-473-6349. Thank you for playing an important part of our school community.


DPS Computerized Criminal History Verification

Certificate of Examination of School Personnel/Volunteers for Tuberculosis

Steps to Register for App-Garden Volunteer Tracker


Admission - Volunteer Information