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How Do I Apply for Field Experience at United I.S.D.?

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All Student Observers/Interns must complete an Observation Packet in order to be considered for any classroom or clinical internship.  At a minimum, all Interns must pass a criminal background check, submit a current TB test (taken within 120 days), and have a signed approval form from either an ACP, college, or university program stating the need to complete observation hours or field experience.  Please review observation packet carefully for any additional documents that may be required depending on the type of program you are enrolled in.

Note:  Clearance is provided by semester.  TB test results will be accepted from one consecutive semester to the next.  Any semester separated by summer break is not considered consecutive. Employees of the District are not required to submit a TB test.

Step 1: Download and complete the following observation forms found on the Human Resources Department webpage:

  • Criminal History Waiver Form
  • DPS CCH Verification Form
  • Observation Screening Requirements
  • Pre-Employment Affidavit Form

Step 2:  Submit Observation Packet with all required documents to the Human Resources Department.

  • A complete observation packet may take up to 7 days to clear through the HR Department.  

Step 3:  Once the background check is clear, intern will receive a Clearance Release form from the Human Resources Department.  This form is valid for one semester and will serve as verification to Campus/Department Administrator that an intern has cleared through the Human Resources Department.

Step 4:  Upon approval, Interns or Program Coordinators may contact any UISD campus or department to coordinate observations.  A clearance to observe does not guarantee access to a campus or department. It is up to campus/department administration to approve or deny a request to observe.    

*Program Coordinators and/or Intern Supervisors will need to request an electronic account if access to a virtual classroom is required.

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