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ParentSquare FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions 

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ParentSquare is a unified communication platform that offers a whole host of tools which allows district, school administrators and teachers to more effectively communicate and engage with families and students. Some features include:

  • Mass notifications and Urgent Alerts with two-way communication
  • Mobile application for administrators and parents (iOS and Android)
  • Attendance notifications
  • Teacher and classroom communication
  • Direct Messaging with two-way translation
  • Appointment Sign Ups (parent-teacher conferences, technology pick-ups)
  • Calendar and RSVP
  • Volunteering and classroom supply sign-ups
  • And so much more!

Tips for Parents & Guardians

1. Activate Your Account
Click the link in your activation email/text, or sign up on or via the ParentSquare app.

2. Download App
It’s easy to stay in the loop with the ParentSquare app. Download it now for.

3. Set Preferences
Click your name in the top right to set your notification and language preferences.

4. Get Photos & Files
Click ‘Photos & Files’ in sidebar to access pictures, forms, and documents that have been shared with you.

5. Appreciate Posts
Click ‘Appreciate’ in your email/app or website to thank a teacher or staff member for a post.

6. Comment or Reply
Click ‘Comment’ in app or website to privately ask a question about the post that your teacher or school sent.

7. Participate
Click ‘Sign Ups & RSVPs’ in the sidebar to see available opportunities. Click bell on top to check your commitments.

8. Join a Group
Click ‘Groups’ in the sidebar to join a group or committee at your school to participate or to stay up to-date.

9. Find People
Click ‘Directory’ in the sidebar to find contact information for school staff.

10. Get in Touch
Click ‘Messages’ in the sidebar to privately get in touch with staff and teachers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Beginning August 8, 2022 for all staff and district administrators.

On the app, enter your email or cell phone number. The email and/or cell phone number should match what is in the school's information system or database.

On the web, click ‘Sign In’, then under ‘Sign Up’ section, put your email or phone number and click '“Go”.

If the email or phone number is not recognized by ParentSquare, parents can follow directions to request access or call the school office and ask them to update the contact information.

Yes. All United ISD parents have a ParentSquare account. ParentSquare is the primary tool for district and school communication. Individuals who do not activate their account in ParentSquare will still receive an email digest at the end of each day that communication is sent out to them. In the event of emergencies, phone calls will be sent as well.

Yes. Starting August 8, 2022, the following tools and services will no longer be available for United ISD to use. The functionality of these tools will be available in ParentSquare.

  • SchoolMessenger
  • ClassDojo (TBA)
  • Remind 101 (TBA)

Parents can update their language preference for their account. Once they have done this, ParentSquare will automatically translate any communication to them in their selected language. This translation will also occur when the parent sends a message to a staff member. Learn more about ParentSquare translations and how to set the language preference.

Click here for help and how-to guides for parents using ParentSquare.

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