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Data Evaluation

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The United ISD Data Evaluation Department’s mission is to provide support in the collection, analysis, and reporting of student assessment results and program data. The information provided serves to guide day-to-day and long term instructional planning to positively impact student achievement and progress in learning.

The department provides support to campuses and district departments through the development of multitude of systems including but not limited to student growth measure, state accountability framework, local accountability system, and several assessment databases. The department has also developed an array of databases to track and monitor high school graduation requirements.

Data Evaluation Department provides support through various systems of professional development in the effective use of the student and program information.

These systems will track and report information for teachers, campus administrators, district administrators and facilitate the process of federal, state, and local level reporting requirements.


Name Position Email Phone
Cesar García Data Evaluator (956) 473-1825
Ricardo Guerra Jr Data Developer (956) 473-2260
Joann Segovia Data Evaluator (956) 473-2184
Lonnie Gignac Data Evaluator (956) 473-1811
Mario Gaona Assistant (956) 473-2067


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