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Instructional Accountability

christina casanova

Christina S. Casanova

Executive Director

(956) 473-5245



The Instructional Accountability Department is under the supervision of Christina S. Casanova, Executive Director. This department oversees the development, implementation and evaluation of instructional programs that support the academic needs and achievement of UISD’s student population. The divisions under the department of Instructional Accountability are Data Evaluation, Guidance and Counseling and Student Assessment. These divisions provide guidance and support based on the Texas Education Agency (TEA), the United States Department of Education (DOE) and the local school board policies to district campuses that are responsible for educating over 44,000 students.

Working collaboratively with other district departments, Instructional Accountability provides a systematic and analytic approach to training and disseminating legal, program and student assessment information that supports accountability and student performance in UISD.

Instructional Accountability’s Vision:

Ownership of learning and improvement is exemplified by all.

Instructional Accountability’s Mission:

To deliver exceptional direction through innovation, integrity, and professionalism in all we do.

Instructional Accountability Motto:

What gets measured, gets improved.


Name Position Email Phone
Denise Palacios Secretary to Executive Director (956) 473-2007


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