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Elementary Director

zaido gonzalez

Zaida Gonzalez

Elementary Director

(956) 473-1950


No one teaches us how to dream. We just do. But dreams can only carry us so far in today’s immensely competitive world.  A person needs to be highly qualified in order to survive and that normally materializes with step by step education. Elementary education is the foundation of all education systems where children are introduced to the basic studies. It is the initial stage of education that aims to create, establish and offer opportunities to all children to achieve a balanced cognitive, emotional and psychomotor development. During these formative years, we need to build every child’s confidence and desire to learn.  We also want to expose our children to a broad range of activities so that they discover their talents and interests.  Ultimately, we aim to make our children ready for their experiences at the secondary level.

The primary school years are undoubtedly an important phase of every child’s education. Hence, the United Independent School District strives to teach children to think critically, to aim for high standards, to meet the challenges posed by technological advancements and to develop citizenship and basic values. To achieve these goals, our campuses provide environments that are orderly, safe, academically rigorous and intellectually stimulating.   My goal is to support our campuses in order to ensure that our children are provided the structure and climate where learning and student achievement are the prime focus.  I look forward to collaborating with district and campus administration to ensure a consistent PK to fifth grade flow of educational experiences.

It takes a strong team of dedicated individuals to ensure an organization’s success. By working in unison, our entire UISD family can fulfill our district vision.  Our children can achieve the highest possible standard in all aspects of their education.

Basic knowledge starts with elementary education without which none of our students’ dreams would be possible.

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