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Admissions / Attendance and Dropout Recovery

Thelma Martinez

Thelma Martinez


(956) 473-6349‚Äč



Increase the District’s graduation rate through the implementation of effective dropout and instructional interventions and to ensure that all students are accurately accounted for funding purposes.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the United Independent School District’s Admissions/Attendance and Dropout Recovery Program is to provide dropout intervention services to at-risk students. Additionally, the program will recruit students who have already dropped out of school to provide them with an alternative graduation/completion path. The Department will monitor and assist campuses achieve a high Average Daily Attendance (ADA) through district/school initiatives, enforcement of the Compulsory Attendance Law (Chapter 25), and parental involvement.

Program Components

  • Prevention initiatives to ensure that students do not fall behind academically
  • Interventions to help students who have fallen behind academically
  • A collaborative approach to support students and their families facing multiple barriers to educational success
  • School environments that are safe and nurturing to both students and their families
  • Communication of the Dropout Prevention/Reduction efforts to the public
  • Accountability systems to ensure that students graduate from high school.


The United Independent School District welcomes all school-age students into the district. Information regarding registration is available through all of our campus registrars or by calling the Office of Admissions. An eligible student must reside within the boundaries of the district and be enrolled in the corresponding school by clicking here to locate their school, address, and phone number. The district uses an online registration system called Tyler SIS Parent Portal for new and returning students. Information regarding assistance in using the parent portal is available through our website or by contacting your campus registrar.

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United Independent School District currently has forty (40) district attendance officers which includes two (2) Juvenile Court Coordinators who are assigned with a Justice of the Peace Court. The district attendance officers serve all of our campuses in enforcing the Texas Compulsory Requirements and assisting parents whose child has attendance issues. They also assist the campuses achieve their Average Daily Attendance and confirming student residence within district boundaries. The attendance officers also play an integral role in intervening on behalf of a student who has already dropped out of school or is at risk of dropping out.

Contact Information

For questions pertaining to Compulsory Student Attendance, Admissions Procedures or Interventions for at-risk dropout students contact:


Name Position Email Phone
Thelma Martinez Admissions Director (956) 473-6349
San Juanita Llamas-Amador Family Services Coordinator (956) 473-8772
Peter Arredondo Admissions Coordinator (956) 473-6487
Jesse Perusquia Attendance Specialist (956) 473-6281
Gloria Morales Admissions Clerk (956) 473-6349
Rachel Flores Admissions Specialist (956) 473-6323
Olga Garza Admissions Specialist (956) 473-6342
Danny Mendoza Admissions Specialist (956) 473-6489
Lorena Meza Admissions Specialist (956) 473-6318
Cynthia Guerra Itinerant Registrar (956) 473-6237
Krystal Tobias Itinerant Registrar (956) 473-7349
Ramiro Hernandez Court Coordinator (956) 523-4832
Ana Ostiguin Court Coordinator (956) 523-5357


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