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Transfer Request Application

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United ISD Student Transfer Process for School Year 2024-2025




Please use the following process to request a Student District Transfer Application for a campus where you wish your child to attend for the school year 2024-2025.

The student transfer forms are available only from the campus where you want to transfer your child. Read below on the Out-of-School Transfer Process.


For Children Living In The District:

  1. Parents will request by appointment a District Student Transfer Application at a campus where they want their child to attend this school year. The campus principal shall have the discretion to set the day and time of the appointment.
  2. The parent will complete the transfer form at the campus and submit it to the principal for a signature and recommendation.
  3. Once the District Student Transfer Application form is signed along with the principal’s recommendation, the parent will bring the application to the Office of Admissions for a signature and decision on the completed transfer form.

Out-of-District Residency Status:

For any child on a current Out-of-District Status and is requesting admission to UISD, you shall visit the Office of Admissions first at the address listed below for further instructions.

Please consider the following factors:

  • Please provide at the time of the transfer request:
    1. copy of the student’s academic records from the previous school, if enrolled,
    2. proof of residency (utility bill or lease agreement), and
    3. proof of identification (driver’s license or government-issued identification card)
  • The District shall consider the availability of space and instructional staff in addition to a detailed review of the student's academic, disciplinary, and attendance records.
  • A student who has received a discipline alternative education placement (DAEP) or expulsion to JJAEP in the previous school year is not eligible for an Out-Of-District transfer request.
  • If approved, the district will provide additional information on the campus selection and registration process.
  • All decisions are final.


Office of Admissions, Attendance, and Family Services

201 Lindenwood Dr., Laredo, Texas 78045 Portable #7


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