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Student Assessment

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The United Independent School District Testing and Accountability Department includes two equally important integrant parts that are interconnected and aimed at improving the academic performance of all students in the district. The Testing component focuses on the accurate and effective implementation of testing procedures, requirements, and legal regulations. In addition, the Testing Department serves as a liaison between the state and the campuses within the district. The Accountability component focuses on utilizing data analysis of test results to plan, implement, and evaluate district assessment programs to ensure student academic success.

The UISD Testing and Accountability Department is responsible for all of the multifaceted areas that every state (and local) assessment entails. In addition, it is responsible for making certain that the district is current and familiar, with the various accountability standards; and, the variable requirements that are simultaneously changing within each one. The Testing and Accountability Department is connected to all of the district departments, campuses, administrators, teachers, and students; working collaboratively with all of these stakeholders to ensure every students’ successful academic performance.

The Testing and Accountability Department invites you to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have. Our offices are located at 4906 State Hwy 83 or you may contact us at (956) 473-2004 or by fax (956) 473-2006.


Name Position E-mail Phone
Cesar Garcia Director (956) 473-1825
Jeanette Fernandez District Assessment
Coordinator (956) 473-1807
Edna Valle District Assessment
Coordinator (956) 473-1812
Aldo Flores Student Assessment
Assistant (956) 473-2199
Pamela Mendoza Student Assessment
Assistant (956) 473-2004

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*As stipulated by TEC 29.916 and United ISD School Board Policy EK (LEGAL), home schooled students may attend public school to participate in the PSAT/AP Exams administration. Specific registration information can be obtained by contacting the counseling office at the high school that would be the student's designated campus.


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