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Continuous School Improvement

Clotilde Gamez

Clotilde Gamez


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Continuous School Improvement

Our department’s focus is to provide a systemic and sustainable approach to school improvement efforts.  Working collaboratively with the Elementary, Middle and High Schools, we continue to improve the learning achievement of our students with an emphasis on special populations/targeted students as we prepare them to become college and/or career ready graduates.
The Continuous School Improvement Department oversees the following:

  • Teacher Incentive Allotment T.I.A. Cohort D
  • MTSS/RTI Process and Campus Budget Allocations
  • District Improvement Plan(DIP) and Campus Improvement Plans(CIP’s)
  • DCSI Liaison for  Targeted, Additional Targeted or Comprehensive Support of any identified Campuses in the district.
  • Summer School Program

Academic Coaching of New Teachers by a Team of Academic Coaches

Goal: Enhance teacher’s craft and pedagogical expertise to yield high student achievement

  • Mentor and model effective lesson design and instructional execution aligned to state standards, the Fundamental Five Model, high order thinking, persistence, differentiation and achievement.
  • Facilitate in building accurate student progress monitoring practices and mentor planning instructional adjustments aligned to diverse student needs.
  • Coach teachers in establishing a positive classroom culture and healthy student/teacher relationships while maintaining clear expectations of respectful conduct
  • Work in partnership with Human Resources Dept. to offer Professional Development opportunities to all New Teachers
  • Model effective communication with parents, students, colleagues and administration.
  • Student Literacy Building Grades 3rd through 8th High Priority Campuses served by an Academic Coach at designated sites

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