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Support Divisions

Criminal Investigations Division

The communications division is responsible for conducting follow-up investigations and case management for crimes against persons or property occurring within the jurisdiction of the United Independent School District.

Communications Division

The communications division is responsible for the direction and control of all police radio communications, receiving calls for service and information from district students, employees and citizens, monitoring the district camera systems, and providing requested information to field officers.

F.T.O. Program

The UISD Police Department a Field Training Program for new officers. The program was reviewed and updated in 2009. The program has three training phases. Each phase consist of introducing the trainee with real life situations that are commonly encountered day to day by UISD Police Officers. A method of problem based learning is used to teach the trainees. This is accomplished by assigning the trainee to a campus to work alongside an experienced officer. The trainee is evaluated on different areas of police work, depending on the level of expectancy each phase demands. When faced with a real life situation during each phase, the trainee is expected to demonstrate basic police skills throughout every phase. This program has been modified from traditional filed training programs in order to meet the department needs. The program will help accomplish the department’s mission to our youth, as officers guide them in a positive and professional manner.

uWatch Program

UISD Police Department launched this program on May 1, 2015. It’s a virtual program that empowers citizens to report suspicious activities. The program can also be accessed through text messaging or a phone application. United I.S.D. Police Department is the first school district in the county to release a mobile app geared towards citizen crime watch. uWatch Program objectives include: Build Awareness for uWatch through media and community relations. Achieve more than large amounts of downloads of the mobile application and Build awareness of United ISD to further the organization’s fundraising goals.

Police Mascot “SAFETY SAM”

Police Officer Mascot “Safety Sam” was introduced to the district on October 2014. The mascot is utilized for all school events, presentations, and law enforcement events.

Safety Patrol Program

The primary purpose of the program is to enhance the safety of our students. In addition, this promotes the development of leadership skills and good citizenship qualities. A safety patrol’s job is to model for students to assist in the safety of students at elementary schools. They will be trained by a School Police Officer to assist with, three major functions. The pedestrian crossing at the crosswalk, greeting visitors at the school entrance during special events and assisting school monitors in the hallways. The School Safety Patrol will never conduct motor vehicle traffic control.

K-9 Handlers

The UISD K-9 Handlers Program was introduced to United Independent School District in October 2002 to deter the introduction of illegal drugs to school and to confiscate them when they are detected. Our department currently has three (3) K-9 Handlers. These three (3) teams are trained and certified as working canines. Our teams are a wonderful public relations tool by providing presentations at our schools.

Police Resources