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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we process purchase orders? 

A requisition is submitted for budget and purchasing approval prior to the processing of the requested order. Upon approval, the requisition is converted into a purchase order via online directly by campus or department. The purchase order will be printed out at the purchasing department for distribution. The distribution of each order entails: emailing, faxing, mailing, or pick-up of order to the vendor/originator. This process takes approximately two business days. 


What are the amount limits on purchase orders? Purchase orders have various limitations depending on the amount of the order. All valid purchase orders of any amount must be issued to an approved vendor. If the purchase order is not issued to an approved vendor the following process is required:

  • Purchase orders that exceed $3,500.00 need three price quotes from vendors. Price quote log sheet must be filled out by the originator

  • Purchase orders that exceed $25,000.00 must-have three formal quote requests issued through the Purchasing Department.

  • Purchase orders that exceed $50,000.00 require the formal bids process and approval from the Board of Trustees.

Why does the district require that all purchases be made through a valid purchase order? All purchases must have a valid purchase order. Valid purchase orders help:

  • The purchase order itself acts as a promise to pay for all the vendors it is issued to.

  • Track purchases and services requested by the originator through its purchase order number.

  • Maintain current status on each department/campus budget and expenditures throughout the year.

  • Provides records of items/services requested by the various departments/campuses.

  • Gives vendors a record/copy to distribute the merchandise/service.

  • Reduces or eliminates the possibility of theft.

What is the district's bid/proposal solicitation process?

If the District identifies the need for a formal process the Purchasing Department will begin the process of gathering data and determining the best method that will provide the greatest probability for savings. Bids and proposals are open to vendor’s local and statewide. Our state-mandated procedures require that we advertise in a local newspaper for no less than two consecutive weeks. We then proceed to mail solicitations to vendors that have previously asked to be considered for that particular project. Once received all bids/proposals will be evaluated and a recommendation will be made to the Board of Trustees on the vendor who provides the best overall value to the District. 


How are vendors placed on the mailing list for bids/proposals? 

The United Independent School District (UISD) Purchasing Office implemented an e-Procurement system called eBID.  This web-based system will permit electronic vendor registration, automatic vendor notification of bid opportunities, and electronic vendor bidding.


What happens if an employee makes a purchase without a valid purchase order? 

The district's policy requires that all purchases be made with a valid purchase order. Any employee that violates this policy will be solely responsible for that incurred debt. The employee will also be subject to suspension and/or termination. When in doubt make a purchase request. 


How can someone find out who is on the approved vendor's list? 

The Purchasing Department maintains an approved vendor search engine on the purchasing department website.  Campus/Departments may search by vendor name or category.  


Are all the bid documents available to the public? Yes. However, if requests are made for material other than a standard tabulation sheet it would be a requirement that all requests be made in writing to the open records department at  


By what method does the district solicit and evaluate all bid/proposals? All school district contracts, except contracts for the purchase of produce or vehicle fuel, valued at $50,000 or more in the aggregate for a 12-month period shall be made by the method. The following method of solicitation provides the best value to the district:

  • competitive bidding

  • competitive sealed proposals

  • a request for proposals, for services other than construction services

  • an interlocal contract

  • a design/build contract

  • a contract to construct, rehabilitate, alter, or repair facilities that involves using a construction manager

  • a job order contract for the minor repair, rehabilitation, or alteration of a facility

  • a reverse auction

  • the formation of a political subdivision corporation

The following method of evaluation determines to whom to award a contract, the district shall consider

  • the purchase price

  • the reputation of the vendor and the vendor’s goods or services

  • the quality of the vendor’s goods or services

  • the vendor’s past relationship with the district

  • the impact on the ability of the district to comply with laws and rules relating to historically underutilized businesses

  • the total long-term cost to the district to acquire the vendor's goods or services

  • the extent to which the goods or services meet the district's needs

What are the possible delays in a Purchase Order process?

  • insufficient funds (purchase order exceeds budget balance)

  • incorrect information (address, fax #, vendor name)

  • unauthorized purchases (purchase order is missing proper authorized signatures)

  • price increases (shipping/handling, item/service)

  • item is backordered (discontinued, no longer in stock)

  • a purchase order is made to an unapproved vendor

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