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Special Education Director - South Sector

jaime garza
Hector Jaime Garza


(956) 473-2066


The Division of Special Education Budget, Itinerant Staff, Compliance and Contracted Services primarily focuses on procedural compliance with federal and state laws and regulations and local policy. It staffs a Compliance Coordinator for each of the four feeder patterns that service a minimum of eight campuses. Each feeder pattern is fully staffed with a team comprising of educational diagnosticians, speech therapists, homebound teachers, teachers for the visually impaired, related services and adaptive physical education personnel. Additionally, our division disseminates the federal funds necessary to enhance quality instruction for students with special needs.

The Division of Special Education Instructional Improvement and State Assessment provides leadership and guidance to ensure quality, effective and personalized instruction to United ISD children and youth with disabilities.  Instructional coordinators offer professional development opportunities to assist teachers to improve their content knowledge and instructional delivery in addition to providing guidance on teaching and compliance issues with state assessment for special education students.  The teaching staff implements alternative or specialized teaching strategies to work with and actively engage struggling students in academics due to physical, sensory, cognitive or learning differences.  Technology is an integral portion of providing access to Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE); therefore, core curriculum materials may need to be presented through specialized formats using instructional or assistive technology to enable students to meet their Individualized Education Program (IEP) goals and reach grade level curricular standards.


To provide educational and technological resources to enhance teaching and learning through collaboration with general education programs, the community and business partners to result in IEP success for all special education students.



Special Education - South Sector
Name Position Email Phone
Hector Jaime Garza Director (956) 473-2066
Cynthia A. Lopez Budget (956) 473-2072
Sylvia R. Cantu Medicaid Specialist (956) 473-2073
Maricela Cantu Budget Tech (956) 473-2188
Cynthia Alvarado PEIMS (956) 473-2059
Rita Cantu Budget (956) 473-2075
Jacqueline G. Gonzalez Kronos® (956) 473-2107
Martha Crouch Data Management (956) 473-2057
Evelyn Ostiguin Staff Development, ESY (956) 473-2187
Rosa Linda Roa PEIMS (956) 473-2076
Marie B. Garza PEIMS (956) 473-2074
Dinorah E. Wickstrom Coordinator (956) 473-2039
Matias Ydrogo Coordinator (956) 473-2015
Francisco Gutierrez Coordinator (956) 473-2011


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