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Cherish Center

Jose Lopez

Joseph Lopez


(956) 473-1771


8800 McPherson Rd. Laredo, Texas 78045

The United Independent School District Cherish Center is a renovated 21,000 square-foot facility serving special needs students from the District's four high schools. The Center offers two specialized programs. One is designed to help our students with life after graduation through an alternative vocational/career curriculum. This includes hands-on training in the following areas:

  • Business Media
  • Commercial Food Service
  • Hotel Hospitality
  • Horticulture
  • Retail Merchandising

A separate program for severely disabled students will offer them an alternative to homebound services or placement far away from home. The specialized units include:

  • PLC (Pre-Vocational Learning Skills)
  • SLC (Structural Learning Center)
  • Medical Fragile

The Center will advance the goal of the District's Special Education Program to provide education and training to all special needs students so that they have the opportunity to live more independent, successful and fulfilling lives.


Name Position Email Phone
Violeta Polendo Secretary (956) 473-1771
Blanca C. Almaraz Teacher,
Retail Merchandise (956) 473-1787
Sanjuanita M. Avalos Teacher,
Business Media (956) 473-1779
Geraldine E. Botello Teacher,
Hotel Hospitality (956) 473-1773
Abraham R. De la Garza Teacher,
Horticulture (956) 473-1780
Jose Maldonado Teacher,
Culinary Arts (956) 473-1782
Violeta Garcia Teacher,
Vocational (956) 473-1780
Gerardo Palacios Teacher,
SLC (956) 473-1783
Sheila Peer Teacher,
PLS (956) 473-1790
Arturo Flores Teacher,
SLC (956) 473-1784
Erika Sanchez Perez Nurse (956) 473-1792
Jesus Diaz Teacher,
Medical Fragile (956) 473-1781
Diana Barrios Office Clerk (956) 473-1770

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