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Public Relations Programs

Knowledge for College – is a half hour academic game show, featuring two students from two different schools, who compete against each other. The show features an Public Relations host and a different special co-host each week (school district officials, board members, elected officials, local media personalities, and community members).

The winning campuses compete in a series of play-off games. The students from the final two schools win college scholarship money.

The questions for this program are supplied by the Curriculum and Instruction Department. The questions are practice TAKS questions in the areas of Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts.

United ISD “Feature Campus” Newscasts – these are half hour newscasts which are produced for each individual campus in the District. The newscasts are anchored by two students from their respective school. The purpose of the newscast is to promote and highlight all the positive things going on at each campus in the District.

The format for these newscasts generally include the following segments in addition to some stories of the principal’s choice:

Principal’s Message Boys Athletics
Counselor Tips Girls Athletics
Librarian (featured book) Nurse’s Health Tip
Band Student Council
Choir Cheerleaders
Dance Team Other stories of principal’s choice

United ISD “Generic” Newscasts – these half hour newscasts include a variety of stories from around the District which are covered by the Public Relations Department on a daily basis. These newscasts are anchored by two student anchors on a rotating basis.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS (PSAs) – The Public Relations Department produces a variety of 30 second public service announcements each year in English and Spanish, for both television and radio.

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