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High School Education

Welcome to High School

UISD High School Crests with mascots

Dolores Barrera Executive Director

Dolores Barrera, Executive Director of High School


HS Coordinators
Content Coordinator Email Office Number

Mary Lou Lopez

 ELA Curriculum Coordinator 473 – 2085

Gloria Gutierrez

Reading Curriculum Coordinator 473 – 2081 

Sylvia Flores Staff PictureSylvia Flores

Social Studies Curriculum Coordinator 473 – 2086

Lucille Gonzalez Staff Picture Lucille Gonzalez

Science Curriculum Coordinator 473 – 5243

Ramiro Garza

 Math Curriculum Coordinator

473 – 2013


Support Staff

Lydia Guevara Executive Director Secretary

Lydia Guevara

Secretary to Executive Director

High School

473 – 2022

Carmen Gutierrez Assistant to High School

Carmen Gutierrez


High School

473 – 2136




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EOC Testing

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Spring Administration

April 6th 2021 – ELA I

April 8th 2021 – ELA II

May 4th 2021 – US History & Algebra

May 5th 2021 – Biology

December Administration

December 8th  – ELA I

December 9th – US History & Algebra

Decmeber 10th  – ELA II & Biology


AP (Advanced Placement) Updates

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