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Section 504

Jaime Garza

Jaime Garza

Director of Section 504

(956) 473-2066



The mission of the Section 504 Program is to provide professional assistance to campus personnel in responding to students who have been identified as having a mental or physical impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities and to provide appropriate services and accommodations in the general education instructional setting for successful completion of their course of study within the United Independent School District.


The intent of the Section 504 district office personnel is to provide all campuses with knowledge, guidance, interpretation, and implementation of this program to serve student participants with appropriate support, accommodations and to provide an educational program that will assist students in overcoming their disability(s). We strive to develop our students in becoming lifelong learners and upon graduation, successful members of our society. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 was designed to provide disabled individuals with equal access to instruction, plant facilities, and extracurricular activities within all educational institutions receiving federal assistance.

Campus instructional personnel provides students with individualized support and prescribed accommodations so that they may take full advantage of all the educational opportunities offered by our school district. To assist with compliance with equal access for our students, each campus principal has designated an administrator as the Section 504 Campus Coordinator to ensure that all students who meet the criteria for services are appropriately identified and served. In addition, each campus is assigned a teacher trained to identify dyslexia characteristics and provide the appropriate instructional interventions relevant to all students identified with Dyslexia.

The Section 504 Departments are under the Supervision of the Elementary Education Department located at the United ISD Curriculum and Instruction Department, 4410 State Hwy 359, Laredo, Texas 78043. The United ISD Section 504 Program currently has a Coordinator and an Itinerant Dyslexia Teacher servicing our Section 504 students identified with dyslexia characteristics.

For more information on this program, you may contact United ISD’s Coordinator for 504 – Alejandro Garcia at (956) 473-2115,; our Itinerant Teacher Maria Aguirre at 956-473-2179; the Section 504 Teacher; or our Section 504 Administrative Assistant, Renata "Rubi" Madrigal at (956) 473-2179,

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