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School Improvement

Melissa Y. Cruz

Executive Director

(956) 473-2142


Dr. Cordelia Martinez-Nava

Dr. Cordelia Martinez-Nava

RTI Coordinator

(956) 473-2171


School Improvement

The mission of the School Improvement Department is to serve as a liaison to campuses in the school improvement process. Through the use of Collaborative Teachers in specific content areas and grade levels, support is given to campuses in need of intervention and support.  These teachers provide small group instruction to students and collaborative teaching mentoring to staff in these identified campuses.   It also serves as a resource and mentor to administrators and campuses that engage in the Texas Accountability Intervention System (TAIS). The Curriculum and Instruction Department meets with each campus principal on a quarterly basis to review the TAIS process for those campuses undergoing the process due to missed system safeguards. Additionally, this department implements its locally developed accountability system through the incorporation of a tiered system of support for our campuses.  This support consists of scheduled meetings with Tier II and Tier III campuses that enable a campus team, together with an Executive Director or Director to look at data and conduct classroom observations providing a partnership between the campus in need of support and the Instructional Department.  This department also oversees and works alongside the Professional and Staff Development Department and Section 504/Dyslexia Department. Additionally, we monitor the implementation of the Response to Intervention through the creation of a District RtI Committee.

The School Improvement Department also oversees the following:

  • The Summer School Program

  • The collaborative teachers for the district for Social Studies at Lamar Bruni Vergara MS and Salvador Garcia MS,  for Science at Muller ES and Veterans ES, for Reading at Salvador Garcia MS, Gonzalez MS, Ruiz ES and Veterans ES, for Math at Ruiz ES and Salinas ES, for Writing Juarez-Lincoln ES and Prada ES.

  • District Improvement Plan and Campus Improvement Plans

  • RtI budget allocations to all campuses

  • Focus Campuses and Intervention Required Campuses

  • Turn around teams

This department works collaboratively with our Associate Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Instructional Executive Directors, Directors, and Instructional Coordinators to accelerate student achievement with an emphasis on special populations/targeted students.

The department’s focus is to provide a systemic and sustainable approach to school improvement efforts. Through our collaborative efforts, we plan to overcome the present day challenges and ensure that our campuses meet both federal and state standards. Together, we continue to improve the learning achievement of our students and prepare them to become college and career ready graduates.


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