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Grants Administration

Dr. Edith Landeck

Dr. Edith Landeck


(956) 473-6311


Grants Administration Mission
The mission of the Grants Administration Department is to provide a structured approach to pursue and facilitate grant programs/initiatives that are strategically aligned with the district’s Mission Statement, the District Improvement Plan, and the Superintendent’s Goals.

Grants Administration Goals
The goals of the Grants Administration Department are to:

  • Disseminate grant funding opportunities from local, state, and federal sources to the district’s campuses and departments in a timely manner;
  • Initiate and facilitate the process of grant program planning/design/evaluation for grant applications supported by scientifically based research;
  • Work diligently to ensure that grant applications are submitted to the funding source in conformity with grant requirements, and within stated deadlines; and
  • Aid in the reporting and review processes for ongoing grant programs in order to ensure conformity to the program design and fidelity with the requirements of the granting agency.

Grants Administration Objectives
The main objective of the Grants Administration Department is to provide for guidance and assistance in the program planning, grant application completion, and timely submission of grant applications to benefit the students, staff, and facilities of the district.  Additional objectives are to:

  • Develop programs that are reasonable in both expenditures and expected results, interventions, and outcomes;
  • Practice and encourage a high level of fiduciary responsibility;
  • Provide for reporting and feedback practices that best serve program requirements;
  • Gather/review/disseminate information and statistics for grant applications and/or in support of program functioning; and
  • Provide a central location for copies of grants submitted by district teachers or individual campuses

Grant Related Board Policies
Grant-related board policies may be found at

Grants Submitted Independently of the Grants Administration Department
At the direction of the Superintendent, all grant applications submitted on behalf of the students, staff, classrooms, libraries, campuses, or facilities must go through the Grants Administration Department.  This may be accomplished by way of assistance provided by Grants Administration, or by providing written notice to Grants Administration staff that a teacher, principal, director, or 
other employees will be independently submitting their application.



Name Position Email Phone
Dr. Edith Landeck Director (956) 473-6311
Hilda Barrera Grants Compliance Assistant (956) 473-6311
Viviana Sanchez Grant Writer (956) 473-6332


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