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Lisa Marie Dunn-Flores

Lisa Marie Dunn-Flores

GT Coordinator

(956) 473-2060


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United ISD Gifted and Talented Program Parent Survey / Encuesta para padres sobre el Programa de Estudiantes Sobresalientes.

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Overview of GT Services, Differentiation and Project Development, Parent Awareness Meeting 2/2/22



2020-21 GT Student Project Videos


UISD GT Showcase: Top Projects Representing Each Campus

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UISD Kinder GT Projects

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The goal of the United Independent School District Gifted/Talented (GT) Program is to enable GT students to progress beyond the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) of the regular school curriculum by providing in-depth learning experiences that explore complex subjects and issues.

Gifted/Talented Program Overview

As a result of participation in the GT Program, students are expected to:

  • Grow in understanding of universal themes, issues, or problems through subject related activities planned to develop these understandings.
  • Develop thinking skills (critical, creative, problem-solving, and logical) that will enable them to take their rightful place in solving social, ecological, and technical problems of the future.
  • Develop independence in acquisition of knowledge and in learning to apply information in new situations and use it to develop new products.
  • Develop an understanding of their giftedness and an appreciation for others through studies of individual differences and through interaction with both intellectual and social peers.

Kinder – Pre-screening begins in September with services being rendered in March to identified students

Elementary – K-5th grade GT students may receive services at their home campus through classroom instruction and  GT project-based opportunities with trained GT teachers.



GT Student Resources for Optional Home Studies and Literature

GT Documents

Gifted & Talented Links