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Discipline Management / Student Relations

Annette Perez

Annette Perez


(956) 473-6458



United Families Intervene & Redirect Students Together (U FIRST)



The Department of Student Relations/Discipline Management is responsible for student placements/expulsions to a Disciplinary Alternative Education Program. The primary functions are to assist campus administrators in maintaining a safe environment by providing training to administrators on the Student Code of Conduct, UISD discipline procedures, updating the Student Code of Conduct annually to comply with new legislation; processing all disciplinary alternative education program placement packets; reviewing all campus inputting of disciplinary referrals for accuracy; and conducting disciplinary review and expulsion hearings as well as working cooperatively with STEP Academy, Webb County Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program, UISD Police Department, Webb County Juvenile Department, Webb County Attorney’s Office, District Attorney’s Office, and other law enforcement agencies.

Texas Education Code – Chapter 37

Aim to build a school culture of socially acceptable behavior by focusing on a proactive approach to prevent inappropriate behavior by introducing, modeling, and reinforcing a positive social behavior.

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  Name Position Email Phone
Annette Perez Director (956) 473-6458
Edmundo Garcia, Jr. Student Relations District Coordinator (956) 473-6461


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