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TLH-HR New Teachers

welcome new teachers banner with black chalk board background microscope and pencil holder with pencils some lego pieces and UISD logo in center




New teachers, on behalf of United Independent School District we take immense pleasure in welcoming you to this great profession!  Your energy and passion for learning will make a wonderful addition to our district.  There is no doubt you will thrive and make a difference in the lives of our learners and in the field of education.  Open the world to your students by linking technology, powerful instruction, and a passion-driven learning environment.




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Logo from John Hattie Visible Learning+

Visible Learning Meta




                  Smart  MX Series Training Guides robot hands on keyboard          NEARPOD 2023 TRAINING GUIDE dancing robot with neon lettering          SPHERE AND CHROMEBOOK TRAININGS robot hands on keyboard


                   GOOGLE TRAINING GUIDES robot hands on keyboard          PARENTSQUARE TRAINING GUIDE robot hands on keyboard          SUPPORT FORM robot animation introducing words support form




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