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LB Johnson Student Paola Romo Wins 2024 Kia Sportage through Sames Kia in the Klassroom Program

Posted Date: 06/04/2024

LB Johnson Student Paola Romo Wins 2024 Kia Sportage through Sames Kia in the Klassroom Program

The United Independent School District congratulates Lyndon B. Johnson High School incoming Junior Paola Romo on being this year’s Sames Kia in the Klassroom Car Giveaway grand prize winner!  Paola is now the proud owner of a 2024 Kia Sportage. The exciting finale, hosted by Sames Kia in partnership with United ISD, took place at the Sames Auto Arena May 30, just before the commencement of UISD's first graduation ceremony of 2024, which also happened to be Johnson High School.

Paola Romo along with 15 other high school students from United, Alexander, Lyndon B. Johnson and United South high schools, all achieved perfect attendance throughout the year. This initiative, which has been running successfully for more than a decade, aims to promote perfect attendance and emphasizes the importance of attending school daily for academic success.

Paola's dedication to attending class without fail has paid off. Achieving perfect attendance for at least a nine-week period made her and the other students eligible for the final drawing. After a highly anticipated selection process, Paola emerged as the fortunate winner of the beautiful new vehicle. Sames Kia also rewarded the other 15 finalists with AirPods. 

The 16 finalists lined up on a big stage at the arena Thursday night to randomly select an envelope, which contained the important winner's information, while parents and other family members watched anxiously from the audience. Once all the students had an envelope in hand, they were instructed to open them all at the same time. Paola soon came forward to disclose that she was the winner of the brand new SUV from Sames Kia.

Johnson High School staff were thrilled to see her win the vehicle, saying that she was a very good student. Her two sisters graduated from Johnson.

"She is a volleyball player. She is an awesome, awesome little girl, and she comes from a very good family, very deserving," said Sara Jasso.

The Sames Kia in the Klassroom program has become a wonderful incentive for UISD students, motivating them to prioritize their education and work towards achieving their goals. This program not only encourages regular attendance but also fosters a sense of responsibility and commitment among the student body. UISD extends heartfelt congratulations to Paola Romo and her family and commends her for her remarkable achievement.


Sames Kia's commitment to giving back and inspiring students to excel is truly admirable. UISD extends its gratitude to Sames Kia and all the sponsors for their invaluable contributions to the success of the Kia in the Klassroom program. Drive Local, Drive Sames!

The Laredo Federal Credit Union will cover the vehicle's tax, title and license costs. A&K World Class Driving School will provide a driver's education package to assist Paola in navigating the roads safely. Chick-fil-A Marketplace on Loop 20 and Clark Blvd provided three of the finalists with free Chick-fil-A for an entire year.


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