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Trautmann Middle School Principal Named TASSP Region 1 Middle School Principal of the Year

Posted Date: 05/23/2024

 Trautmann Middle School Principal Named TASSP Region 1 Middle School Principal of the Year

The United Independent School District congratulates Trautmann Middle School Principal Gilbert Moreno, on being recently named 2024 TASSP Region 1 Middle School Principal of the Year. 

Mr. Moreno is the only middle school principal in Region 1 receiving this award. He is representing Region 1 out of 20 regions in the state of Texas. Every year the Texas Association of Secondary School Principals selects a middle and high school principal for this prestigious award. 

Principal Moreno’s extensive career in education has helped him become an exemplary educator. He has led Trautmann Middle School for three years, but prior to that he was an assistant principal at United High School and a teacher for 12 years in three different schools.  

Principal Moreno is passionate about leading his campus and says his main focus is always taking care of his staff, students and parents. Through their school motto Trautmann Loving Care (TLC), he always makes sure he leads with kindness and compassion. 

“The biggest thing is being an active listener. Staff and children want to be heard and it’s my job to give them a voice here at Trautmann Middle,” he said. “When they have a voice, it is connected to results of change.” 

Principal Moreno also believes in leading by example. 

“You’ve got to put in the work and effort before you ask anybody else to do it for you. Once you do that then others will follow along because they see you do it.”

Principal Moreno was surprised by his staff with a celebration honoring this important accomplishment. Present at the event were UISD Administrators in Charge Mike Garza, Rebecca Morales and Laida Benavides. Board Trustee Javier Montemayor was also present to recognize Principal Moreno.

“His attitude, his work ethic, the morale here at Trautmann Middle is high. His staff is 100% behind him, the whole culture he’s created here is what has separated him from the pack. The board is very happy,” said Boardmember Montemayor.

Principal Moreno will be formally recognized with an award gala this summer during the 2024 TASSP Summer Workshop. The event will be held in Austin, Texas from June 11-14th. 




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