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UISD Students Model Prom Attire at Macy's Fashion Show

Posted Date: 03/27/2024

UISD Students Model Prom Attire at Macy's Fashion Show

Macy's held a fashion show on Saturday, March 23 inside its store at Mall del Norte. The show featured 29 UISD models who wore the latest fashions in prom dresses and men's dress attire. Overall, there were 55 models, including the 29 from all UISD high schools and the Cherish Center. The UISD models, under the direction of Laura Cervantes at Avanti Modeling, received a free class prior to the fashion show. The manager of Macy's, Robert Cavazos, said the show was a success and generated much interest from shoppers, which included proud parents and school staff.

The following students were scheduled to participate:  From Alexander High School, Daniel Prado, Juan Pablo Ahumada, Susana Caldera, Adriana Hinojosa, Maria Gonzalez, Mariana Ortega, Raiza Garza, Tsione Walters
From Lyndon B. Johnson High School, Paulina Gutierrez, Aylin Aguilar-Estrada, Jazmin Ramirez, Jonathan Sanchez, and Jacob Salinas.
From United High School, Atzel Chavez, Mya Cribbs, Diego Ramirez, Isabella Esquivel, Sherlynn Ochoa, and Dariela Herrera.
From United South High School, Celyssa Ruiz, Iris Rosas, Kassandra Macias, Brielle Bondoc, Ozzie Valencia, and Adam Rivas.
From the Cherish Center, Juan Pablo Jaime, Justin Gonzalez, Kimberly Luna, and Luisa Ochoa.
To see photos of all the models, check out the UISD Facebook and Instagram pages. The event was a great success, and organizers hope to do it again next year.  Students who purchased a prom outfit from the store were eligible to win a prize package of beauty items.  


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