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UISD Celebrates Attendance Awareness Month with Big Incentives

Posted Date: 09/13/2023

UISD Celebrates Attendance Awareness Month with Big Incentives

September is Attendance Awareness Month because studies have shown that students who attend school regularly achieve higher academic performance levels than students who do not. At United ISD, keeping students coming back to school every day is the main priority of the Department of Admissions, Attendance, Dropout Recovery and Planning.  Director Thelma Martinez oversees several districtwide incentive programs implemented to motivate students to have perfect attendance.


“The 2023-24 academic school year is well underway, and we are happy to report that we have approximately 41,094 students enrolled in our school district this school year,” states Martinez. “UISD is committed to promoting academic success for all of our students from the time they start pre-k to the day they graduate and beyond. We must all work together to provide the support and motivation students need to be in school every day, and it is also important for them to report to class on time so they can take full advantage of the instructional day.” 


Since studies have shown the direct link between student

achievement and attendance, UISD pledges to continue promoting student attendance by:

● Partnering with Sames for the “Kia in the Classroom” program for high school students for the opportunity to win a new car.

● Providing incentives such as bicycles, X-Boxes, Power Beats for raffles

after every grading period for each school.

● Hosting a NBA “Never Been Absent” Board Recognition in May for

graduating seniors.

● Hosting the Burger King “King and Queen” Program for students with

perfect attendance.

● Providing monetary attainment and improvement incentives for campuses to continue promoting attendance.

● Holding campus based recognition incentives and ceremonies.


UISD Board Member for District 7 Frank Castillo has been part of many attendance incentive programs because he feels it is important to recognize student achievement and dedication.


“We must do everything humanly possible to encourage good attendance behavior,” emphasizes Castillo. “Good attendance and good attitudes translate to great learning habits. Excellent habits translate to successful students. Our students, parents, administrators, teachers and staff together build a successful and great community! We support the dedication and efforts of our UISD Admission Department and thank the parents for being our partners, encouraging students to be the best they can be and earn the rewards that go with it.” 


Picture of students with new bikes.


Students at Malakoff Elementary School are recognized for outstanding attendance with awesome awards for perfect attendance. UISD Board Trustee Frank Castillo of District 7 and the Director of the Office of Admissions Thelma Martinez also provide students with Certificates of Recognition.


School Mascots showing a news KIA Car


For more than a decade, Sames Kia and UISD have partnered for "Kia in the Klassroom" to give away a brand new car to one fortunate and committed student at the end of the school year. The program promotes daily school attendance, which is key to student success. The Laredo Federal Credit Union covers tax, title, and license fees for the winner, and A&K World Class Driving School provides a complimentary driving instruction course. Chick-fil-A provides the winner with free food for a year.

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