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Advanced Academics

Mario Rosales

Mario Rosales


(956) 473-5247


Lisa Marie Dunn-Flores

Lisa Marie Dunn-Flores

GT Coordinator

(956) 473-2060


Maria R. Lanese

Maria R. Lanese

Dual Enrollment Coordinator

(956) 473-1926



 United ISD will be offering the following college courses:

Pre-Calculus, Chemistry, Algebra, Physics, and Arts & Entertainment Technology.

**NOTE** Individual course offerings may vary according to the high school campus.


The department mission is to provide a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate differentiated TEKS- based curriculum for our gifted/talented 6-12 population through appropriate professional development of our GT and Advanced Academics teachers. This program will provide student-centered learning experiences with greater depth and complexity by encouraging students to develop higher level thinking skills. By integrating the knowledge, influence, and perspectives of a wide array of academic disciplines, students will be inspired and motivated to new heights in learning. Teachers will develop partnerships with students, parents and the diverse community of professionals to ensure the success of this endeavor.

Middle School – GT students are grouped homogenously with intellectual peers in the four foundation curricular areas. Eighth-grade students are offered Pre-AP Algebra I, and locally developed English Language Arts and Reading (ELAR), and English College Academic Readiness (ECAR).  In addition, an array of appropriately challenging learning experiences is provided to all middle school GT students through the incorporation of the Texas Performance Standards Project (TPSP).

High School – High school students are served through Pre-AP and AP courses as well as other specialized courses.

Pre-Advanced Placement – Pre-Advanced Placement (Pre-AP) courses are designed to prepare students for higher intellectual engagement and success in Advanced Placement courses.

Advanced Placement – Advanced Placement (AP) courses allow students to participate in college-level coursework and possibly earn college-level credit while still in high school. Students are strongly encouraged to take exams for the AP course(s) in which they are enrolled. A score of 3, 4, or 5 is considered to be a qualifying score. The amount of college credit granted depends upon the individual college or university for which the student is applying.

Concurrent Enrollment – High school juniors and seniors meeting criteria (as set forth in district policy) may enroll concurrently at the local university or community college.

Distance Learning – High school students may participate in distance learning for dual credit. The GOLD (Garnering On-Line Dual Credit) Program is presently available to any rising junior or senior in the district who is in compliance with the Texas Success Initiative (TSI), (Texas Education Code §51.3062) criteria. Laredo Community College provides an excellent online opportunity for students to garner up to 12 college dual credit hours at no cost. Students who meet district and college or university entrance criteria will qualify for one online course per semester.

Magnet School Enrollment – High school students may opt to enroll at one of the three district magnet schools upon meeting eligibility criteria.



magnet schools banner

Magnet Program Information / Información del Programa Magnet

The District magnet high schools offer unique educational opportunities and experiences that cannot be found in the District's regular high school program. Students have access to specialized curricula that investigate and explore today's career choices.

District Magnet Schools/Escuelas Magnet del Distrito:



Credit by Exam –  All students in grades K-12 have the opportunity to take credit by exam.   Primary students passing the exams according to the district specifications will be advanced to the following grade level while secondary students passing the exams will earn credit.



Early Start Pathway

United ISD is excited to announce a valuable opportunity for students currently in 8th grade. The Early Start Pathway is a program collaborative partnership with Laredo College. 

Through this program, qualifying students may take dual credit courses while in high school. Students who are ready may begin their collegiate careers by enrolling in these courses. Students will gain a jumpstart on required college core requirements while still in high school. They will become familiar with college-level work while saving you money. 



*College Board Student Resources

*As stipulated by TEC 29.916 and United ISD School Board Policy EK (LEGAL), home schooled students may attend public school to participate in the PSAT/AP Exams administration. Specific registration information can be obtained by contacting the counseling office at the high school that would be the student's designated campus.



Name Position Email Phone
Lisa M. Dunn-Flores Coordinator (956) 473-2060
Maria R. Lanese Dual Enrollment Coordinator

(956) 473-1926
Dora Lee Hall Assistant (956) 473-5244
Amelia Moore Assistant (956) 473-2160


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