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Use of Funds Plan

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Use of Funds Plan

Planning Process for ESSER III Application

Data Used for Planning:

  • District Educational Improvement Committee
  • District Leadership Team
  • District Instructional Leadership Input
  • District Management and Cabinet Input
  • Public Hearing at School Board Meeting
  • ESSER III Stakeholder Survey Input
  • Student Survey Input

Description of Processes Used for Planning the Application:

  • Superintendent met with all campus and district level groups to get preliminary suggestions
  • Survey released to students, parents, staff, and community members; survey input solicited
  • District leadership analyze stakeholder recommendations and develop district-level recommendations
  • Recommendations shared with District ESSER Committee for feedback, comment, refinement
  • Revised recommendations shared at the public hearing and with all other stakeholder groups to solicit suggestions for feedback, comment, and refinement
  • District leadership meets to adjust and prioritize plans based on feedback
  • Revised plan presented to the School Board for feedback and comments
  • Plan continues to be revised as additional feedback and district needs become evident

Prioritize/Other Outcomes/Decisions Made for the Spending of the Funds:

  • Intervention support positions to address learning loss
  • Attendance Support to help families get their children back in school
  • Instructional materials/programs/software to provide resources for campuses in addressing learning loss
  • Professional Development
  • Summer Learning for K-8 and Credit Recovery for 9-12
  • Wraparound Services
  • Safety & Technology


ESSER III - Use of Funds Plan