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Records Management FAQs

1. How is it determine how long you are to keep records?

United I.S.D.’s Board of Trustees approved a record retention schedule that is filed with the State Library & Archives Commission. Therefore each record has a certain retention period which is found in our “RECORDS RETENTION SCHEDULE”.

2. How do we know which records to keep?

All records must be kept, according to our records retention schedule. If your record is not listed then you must notify the record management office that your record is not listed. We will assist you in finding a retention period for the record and update the retention schedule, if applicable.

3. How do you keep inventory of the records received and are able to locate when requested?

Each box of records is logged in by container number, department, record type, and record year on our warehouse inventory system. Each box is then assigned a location in the warehouse. We are able to search by container number, department or record type to find the record needed. 

4. What are the procedures if I am requesting a record?

You must have certain information available when requesting a record from the RMO department. An online records request needs to be submitted. However, the following information will be needed to facilitate record retrieval. 

  • Requested By: *
  • •E-mail: *
  • Phone # of Person Requesting the Information *
  • Department / Campus: *
  • First Name: *
  • Last Name: *
  • Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY): *
  • SSN/ID: *
  • Withdrawal Year and Last Grade Attended: *
  • Container Number: *

5. The school year has ended, what are the procedures for records pickup?

***Please view RMO Presentation listed under UISD forms/Record Management for PowerPoint presentation for proper procedures to be followed. 

6. Does it matter what type of boxes we use to store records?

Yes, RMO department will provide you with the proper storage boxes. A request can be made by email ( or phone call (ext.  7908, 7910 or 7913). These boxes are used only to send files to records management department not for storage at your campus or department. We require special size box in order to utilize the space in our warehouse.

7. Should we label the boxes?

Yes, all boxes must have the following:

  1. School/Department
  2. Type of Record
  3. Record Year
  4. Box # (Number)

***Please view RMO Presentation listed under UISD forms/Record Management for PowerPoint presentation for proper procedures to be followed. 

8. Do we have to fill out any paperwork for the boxes to be pick-up?

Yes, there are forms that need to be filled out prior to scheduling pick-up. Depending on the records being sent to the RMO department a Checklist, Inventory, and Destruction Form will need to submitted.

9. How often do you destroy records? Can any administrator sign a disposition memo or a destruction form?

Annually, we send out disposition memos to each campus or department for the records that have met there retention period.

No, only the principal or director can sign off on a destruction form or disposition memo for the destruction of their campus/department records.

10. Can any records be destroyed on campus? 

NO, all destruction of records must go through the records management department, even if the records is already past its retention. 

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