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Mail Processing FAQs

Mail Processing FAQs

1.  What time does the mail need to arrive at the Mail Processing Center to go out the same day?

  • Mail must arrive before 10:00 AM in order for it to be processed and delivered to the post office before 3:00 PM. The post office will not accept large mail outs after 3:00 PM.

2.  If I put my mail on the pony will it go out the same day?

  • Any mail that is sent through the pony will go out the next day to the post office. If it is something that must go out that same day contact mailroom staff to see what is the best way to handle the situation. Please be advised that a deadline is enforced by the United State Postal Service.

3.  Do we need to put letters, report cards, etc., in zip order?

  • Yes. Putting mail in zip order allows us to gather all the mail from all the campuses, departments, and take advantage of postal savings.

4.  Do we need to identify the campus or department on each envelope mailed? 

  • Yes. Your campus or department name must be in the return address of all envelopes that are processed through the Mail Processing Center. In the event your mail is returned by the USPS, we will know exactly where and to whom it should be returned to. It also allows us to charge the proper campus/department for the postage. 

5.  Can I return items through the mail?

  • Any item that is to be returned must go through the Shipping and Receiving department.

6.  What is the procedure for Certified Mail?

  • You may pick up these forms at the mail processing center or the local post office. The green card that has the return address needs to have the department/campus code on it so it can be returned to you. If it does not have your code then we will not know to whom it belongs to. 

7.  Can I take my mail to the tax office?

  • Yes. You may deliver your mail to the tax office for the Mail Processing Center.  

8.  If the mail goes out today will it be delivered tomorrow?

  • Once the mail goes to the post office we have no control as to when the mail will be delivered. Also, for non-profit mail outs, the post office can hold mail for 48 to 72 hours before processing. Please keep these time frames in mind, so your mail will arrive when required. We make every effort for the mail to be delivered timely. 

9.  If I have any questions about outgoing mail, whom can I contact?

  • You may contact the mailroom staff at 473-7907 or 473-7927.

10.  Where is the Mail Processing Center located? 

  • We are located at 3501 East Saunders.

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