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Lessons from March 23 - April 3, 2020



Reading | Math | Social Studies | Science



8th Reading Language Arts

(20 Minutes Independent Choice Reading + 25 Minutes Reading & Writing Activity) Keep a journal of all your activities. Choose at least 3 activities per week.

  • Read and annotate a text from McGraw-Hill StudySync, Achieve3000, or any other available resource.
  • Design a comic strip or graphic novel page illustrating a major scene in the story or book. Write a paragraph explaining why you chose this scene.
  • Choose one line or quote from the text and write a paragraph describing how it is connected to the main character, his/her conflict and/or motivations.
  • Write a letter to a friend explaining why they should or should not read the story or book. Use at least 3 reasons to support your claim.
  • While reading the text, annotate what connections you can make to yourself, another text, or the world. Choose one of the connections and write about it in your journal.
  • Recreate a scene from a text or a movie from a different perspective and explain how it would change the outcome of the story.
  • Listen to your favorite songs and note examples of figurative language. Explain why you think the artist chose these types of figurative language and how it affects you as a listener.
  • Write a poem in response to something you have read or watched this week. Highlight your use of figurative language. Share your poem with someone.
  • Using text evidence, write a paragraph explaining the author’s purpose of the text
  • What is the main idea of the text? Write three details from the text that support the main idea.
  • Research and create a biography of an author or your favorite celebrity.
  • Read a newspaper article or an online article and explain why the article is important and why it interested you.
  • Watch or read the daily news and write the central idea of the piece.
  • After reading the text, what are two questions you have that you could research further?
  • Research a career that you would like to have or interview a family member about their job.
  • Write an essay about your role model, the importance of teamwork, or the benefits of technology.

Online Resources

Students can access online district resources by logging in using CLEVER and their Google credentials.


8th Grade Math (30-45 minutes)

Choose 2 activities per week.

Silly Cylinders
Find cylindrical objects around the house (preferably those with volume labeled in milliliters such as a soda can). Measure the diameter and height in centimeters. (1 cm3 = 1 mL)

  • Use the formula to calculate the volume. 𝑉 = 𝐵ℎ or 𝑉 = 𝜋𝑟2
  • Compare this answer to the label.
  • How close are you to the labeled volume? What would be some reasons why the numbers might not match?

Toilet Paper Math
Count the number of toilet paper rolls that you have and calculate if you will have enough for two weeks.
Take into account:

  • Approximately 500 sheets per roll
  • 8 sheets per toilet visit
  • Average of 3 toilet visits per person in household

Then compare your results to the online toilet paper calculator.

Pantry Problems
Find any canned food item. Discuss the differences between lateral surface area and total surface area.

  • Calculate the lateral surface area by using the formula 𝑆𝐴 = 2𝜋rℎ
  • Take off the label and calculate the area by using the formula 𝐴 = 𝑙w
  • Compare the two quantities.

Financial Literacy
Pretend you have saved $5000 for college and want to open a savings account to keep your money for the next 4 years. Which bank would you prefer… one that pays simple or compound interest?

  • Calculate the interest paid for keeping your $5,000 (principal) if the bank pays 5% (rate) interest.
  • Compare the interest earned if the bank pays simple (𝐼 = 𝑝𝑟𝑡) vs. compound interest (𝐴 = 𝑝(1 + 𝑟)𝑡).

Online Resources

Students can access online district resources.

Login: IDuisd@united sample: 123456uisd
Password: IDuisd

If taking Algebra, click on the HS Math link.


8th Grade Social Studies (45 minutes)

Choose 2 activities per week.

  • Create a timeline on a major event you have learned about. Include dates, illustrations and explanations for each item on your timeline.
  • Create a t-chart analyzing the causes and effects of a historical event that you have learned about.
  • Draw a political cartoon about a historical event (past or present) that you have learned about. Include a title and a one sentence caption.
  • Select one of the presidents that you have learned about this year and create a poster summarizing their contributions. Include a hashtag to remember this person by.
  • Create a collage summarizing a historical era/event/person you have learned about.
  • Write a journal describing life during a historical event/time period that you have learned about.
  • Create a list of 15 facts that you have learned about the history of the United States.

Online Resources

Students can access online district resources.

  • Wakelet (Online Resources to review content learned in 6th grade social studies)
  • BrainPop (BrainPop-Explore website to view videos, play games and other educational activities)


8th SCIENCE (30 minutes daily)

Choose 2 activities per week.

*Keep a journal of your activities.

  • Watch the local weather forecast. Discuss the types of information on a weather map and how data is used to make predictions about the weather.
  • Make a drawing of an atom illustrating the correct number of subatomic particles. Create a key that identifies the various subatomic particles and their location.
  • Explain the phases of the moon to your family and friends.
  • Use household items to demonstrate and explain Newton’s 3 laws of motion.
  • Describe to your family how plate tectonics causes major geographical events.

Online Resources