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Ricardo Molina Sr

Ricardo Molina Sr.Ricardo Molina, Sr. is a Laredo native and Parliamentarian of the United ISD Board of Trustees. He believes serving on the Board involves keeping in mind the interests of the people in the community. “You have to look out for the taxpayers, students, and the people you serve.” Molina’s district is composed of the communities of Rio Bravo and El Cenizo. Molina serves parents and students attending L.B. Johnson H.S., S. Garcia M.S., Lamar Bruni Vergara M.S., Arndt Elementary, Prada Elementary, Juarez-Lincoln Elementary, Kennedy-Zapata Elementary, and UDD Hachar Elementary.

Molina identifies with students of modest means who struggle for success. In his younger days, Molina was a member of his high school’s chapter of the Distributive Education Club of America. “I know what hard work is. To succeed you have to make the best of your situation.” Throughout his life, Molina has worked in a variety of jobs. He has labored in oil fields, machine shops, and in the cotton fields. Molina is Director of the Rio Bravo and El Cenizo Community Centers.

As a Trustee, Molina helped initiate the district’s dropout recovery program. The program allows students who have left school to pursue a General Equivalency Diploma. Molina also knows the importance of providing educational opportunities for adults. He worked for the establishment of GED and adult education programs in his community.

Molina says he joined the Board because he wanted to do something for the community. “We on the Board are like a family. We seek the best opportunities for kids.” Molina says United ISD has seen numerous changes in the last few years. “We’ve seen better curriculum, and improvement in our bilingual education program, and lower dropout and teen pregnancy rates.” Molina says the schools in his area are good facilities that are well built. He adds, “UISD is doing a great job of educating our children, and I will continue to work for the children and taxpayers of United ISD. Nothing is too good for the kids, so I always want to do more.”

Molina, working with other board members, has been able to implement many positive changes for the benefit of children, parents, and taxpayers. These changes include increased security at elementary campuses and reduction of gang involvement at schools. Gang Intervention Facilitators have been placed in high schools and their respective feeder campuses. Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors fight drug use by students. Zero tolerance policies and the establishment of K-9 patrols help keep schools drug free.

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