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Judd Gilpin

Judd GilpinJudd Gilpin was elected to the United ISD district seven seat on November of 2008. Mr. Gilpin is a native Laredoan and a product of U.I.S.D. schools. Gilpin serves parents and students attending Alexander H.S., United H.S., Trautmann M.S., Washington M.S., Borchers Elementary, Col. Benavides Elementary, De Llano Elementary, Fasken Elementary, Malakoff Elementary, Muller Elementary, and Trautmann Elementary.

Mr. Gilpin began school at Nye Elementary School, graduated from United High School in 1986 and went on to Texas A&M University where he received a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering and then a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering. He distinguished himself in academics throughout his educational endeavors and was recognized as the “Outstanding Civil Engineering Senior” at Texas A&M during his senior year.
After completing his education, Mr. Gilpin joined the U.S. Navy in 1991 and served in the Civil Engineer Corps for 7 years of active duty and held inactive ready reserve status until 2007 when he resigned his commission. The highest rank he held was Lieutenant Commander and he received commendations for achievement before completing his years of service with an honorable discharge.

Upon returning to Laredo he began his career at Foster Engineering Company where he enjoyed the privilege of working for Laredo’s oldest civil engineering firm. He went on to begin his own firm, Gilpin Engineering Company. He credits Jack Foster for influencing his most significant career choices.
Mr. Gilpin’s experience as a project manager of large-scale developments is an asset since this School District constantly faces significant growth demands putting an emphasis on planning and construction. “I believe that overwhelming challenges such as development and security can distract from the primary mission of a school and my experience in planning and management will help lessen that burden,” said Gilpin.

Mr. Gilpin will also draw on his personal experiences as to get the most out of educational opportunities. His mother, Vita Gilpin, taught with U.I.S.D. until she retired with over forty years of service in the public school system. His wife and both of her parents pursued careers in education as well. Both of his in-laws, Alonzo Ramirez and Amelda Ramirez retired with over 40 years of service to public school. Mr. Gilpin says, “They and many teachers and coaches that I was exposed to throughout my life have made big impacts in my life and career … I owe a great deal to United Independent School District for the education I received there and would like the opportunity to give back to the School that contributed to the blessings I now enjoy.”

Mr. Gilpin has served as President of American Society of Civil Engineers, Chairman and then President of Texas Society of Professional Surveyors, Engineering Dept. Representative of College of Engineering Student Council Civil, Order of The Engineer for National Society of Professional Engineers.
Mr. Gilpin’s community service activities include serving as a Cabinet Member for District VI City Councilman under Councilman Gene Belmares, Chairman for Citizens Environmental Advisory Committee, and District 7 Board Trustee for United Independent School District.

Mr. Gilpin is married to Lulu Ramirez Gilpin. They have two children, Brit and Morgan.

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