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United ISD is dedicated to helping create the safest possible atmosphere for both school and student activities in the face of COVID-19.

Per our new guidelines, all students, school employees and visitors, who are on-campus, will be required to use DrOwl’s screening and monitoring tool to check-in daily for classes and any officially sanctioned student activities.

Students, staff, and visitors entering the school will be able to electronically “check-in” by answering a list of questions to screen for symptoms and history of COVID-19 exposure on DrOwl before entering. Schools will have access to a log of all check-ins and on-demand reports. Students and families will be able to check into DrOwl a couple of different ways. We highly encourage you to download the DrOwl app (available on iOS and Android) and create a free account to get started as it is the easiest method.

  • Downloading the DrOwl app creates a quicker and easier experience for the daily check-ins. This way you won’t have to enter your personal information each time, which will save you time and will automatically assist you with geolocation services.
  • Students’ families can download the DrOwl app and add them as a “dependent”. The family will then be able to check-in the student from the family’s DrOwl account.
  • There is also an option to check-in via any phone or computer web browser with a unique link that will be sent via text or email or secure QR code that will be printed and posted at entrances.

When you are ready to check-in, tap “check-in” on the DrOwl app, pick the check-in location and fill out the screening questions. You will then receive an entry or denial message before entering the facility. It’s that easy. If you are checking in a “dependent”, tap the dependents name on the DrOwl app, and then go through the same steps as noted above to check them in. While DrOwl’s screening tool is simple to use, its benefits help ensure we’re following CDC and state guidelines and doing the most we can do to protect both students and employees alike.

For any questions about DrOwl, please feel free to reach out to

DrOwl Check-in and Screening Tool

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