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District of Innovation

A District of Innovation is a concept passed by the 84th Legislative Session in House Bill 1842, effective immediately, that gives traditional independent school districts most of the flexibilities available to Texas’ open enrollment charter schools. To access these flexibilities, a school district must adopt an innovation plan, as set forth in the Texas Education Code chapter 12A. (TASB) United ISD has chosen to explore and pursue this opportunity for flexibility to create new opportunities for and better serve our students. On this page, you will find the timeline UISD has laid out along with dates and agendas of meetings and public hearings, as well as resources provided by the Texas Education Agency and the Texas Association of School Boards.[vc_separator]

Meetings and Agendas


Discuss process of proposing to become a District of Innovation by identifying provisions currently in place that could be exempted on this plan-Review with Leadership Team.


Present information to School Board Instructional Committee regarding the intention to become District of Innovation, present resolution, and announce Public Hearing.


Present District’s intent of becoming a District of Innovation to campus and district administrators.


At Regular Board Meeting: Resolution is presented to Board of Trustees for approval.

Hold Public Hearing to determine whether the district should develop an innovation plan. Board of Trustees appoints District Advisory Committee (DAC) to develop plan with:

  1. Comprehensive educational program with innovations, and
  2. List of Education Code provisions to be exempt.


Meeting One: DAC identifies exemptions to include, reviews local district policies affected, and drafts Innovation Plan to present to the Board of Trustees.


Meeting Two: DAC continues to identify exemptions to include, reviews local district policies affected, and continues to draft Innovation Plan to present to the Board of Trustees.


Send DAC the finalized plan for review.

1/31/2017 to 2/3/2017

DAC Members will present final plan to campus personnel.


Meeting Three: Present final Innovation Plan to DAC. DAC must vote for plan approval (2/3 to pass and continue).

Post Innovation Plan on district website for at least 30 days and notify TEA Commissioner. Post notice for Public Meeting.


UISD Board of Trustee approved to adopt the District Advisory Committee Innovation Plan.


UISD is functioning in accordance to Innovation Plan.

United ISD District of Innovation Committee Members

High School

AHS Beverly Herrera
AHS Eduardo Bustos
AHS Lamar Ramirez
LBJ Kristi Burough
LBJ Patricia Hinojosa
LBJ Michael Carrillo
UHS David Perez
UHS Alejandra Lightner
UHS Albert Aleman
USHS Evelyn Avalos
USHS Tommy Rodriguez
STEP Ramon Trevino Jr.

Middle School

AGMS Elizabeth Hallman
CMS Randal Fox
LBVMS Fabian Garza
LOMS Maribel Garcia
SGMS Elda Guerra
TMS Adriana Sanchez
UMS Carlos Ramirez
UMS Rebecca Morales
USMS Sandra Serna
WMS Carmen Pena

Elementary School

ARNDT Bernardo Gutierrez
BORCHERS Angelica Lerma
CENTENO Patricia Martinez
CLARK Socorro Reyes
CSBE Cynthia Chavez
CSBE Myrtha Villarreal
CUELLAR Sally Garza
DELLANO Martha Alcaraz
FASKEN Eva Rossell-Rodriguez
FINLEY Diego Garcia
GARCIA Cindy Ramirez
GUTIERREZ Maria Mendoza
JLE Liliana Miranda
KAZEN Martha Perales
KILLAM Karen Trevino
KZE Gabriel Gutierrez
MALAKOFF Jose Flores
MULLER Tina Padilla
NEWMAN Elisa Castillo
NYE Kristell Faz
PEREZ Noemi Cruz
PRADA Blanca Perez
ROOSEVELT Aurora Infante
RUIZ Deborah Ann Flores
SALINAS Adriana Zamora
TRAUTMANN Sandra Baker
VETERANS Nora Villarreal

Parent/Community Members

LCC Rep Fred Solis
TAMIU Rep Alfredo Ramirez JR.
Chamber Miguel Conchas
PARENT Ana Varela
PARENT Letita Villarreal
Parent Member Ms. De Hoyos
Parent Member Mirtha Mojica
Parent Member Nydia Rdz Montemayor
Parent Member Mirtha Sandoval

District Level Administrators

AA SP David Gonzalez
AA SP Gloria Rendon
EX DIR SpEd Cynthia Ramirez
EX DIR Elem Cynthia Rodriguez
DIR Grants ADM Edie Landeck
EX DIR MS David Canales
EX DIR HS Dolores Barrera
EX DIR Instr Acc Emma Leza
EX DIR Sch Imp Melissa Cruz
DIR CATE Angelica Sanchez
DIR Staff Dev Celia Taboada
CRD.Sdt Assess Maricela Quintanilla
DIR Guid/Coun Christina Uribe-Flores
DIR Elem Elouisa Diaz
DIR Fine Arts Javier Vera
DIR Instr Tech Judith Garcia
DIR GT Mario Rosales
DIR BIL Carmen Pompa
DIR DISC Annette Perez
DIR ADMIS. Joe Almazan
COORD HR Carla Rivera

District of Innovation Information

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