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Centeno Elementary Holds Grand Opening of Centenoville

Posted Date: 12/19/2019

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Centeno Elementary recently celebrated the grand opening of Centenoville, a minitropolis within the school’s walls.  For the 5th years now, Commerce Bank has sponsored the mini-city designed to teach the students how to manage real-world issues, all the while teaching them financial responsibility.  Students can work as bank president or vice-president, tellers, store vendors, security guards and various other jobs designed to mimic the real world.  Centenoville’s minitropolis offers a variety of organizations geared towards teaching students fiscal responsibility.  These organizations include Commerce Bank, Centenoville mart, a radio station, its own Border Patrol sector, and a police station.  United ISD and Centeno Elementary principal, Ms. Amabilia Gonzalez, wish to thank Commerce Bank President Ignacio Urrabazo, Jr., and Commerce Bank for their continuous dedication and support of the Centenoville Program.

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