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Back to School and District Campaign Reveal

Posted Date: 08/08/2019

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Recently, United ISD hosted a press conference to announce the start of the 2019- 2020 school year, and to issue a reminder that the first day of class at all United ISD campuses is August 14, 2019.The occasion was also used to recognize J.C. Penney for donating 10,000 IZOD school uniforms. In addition, Costco Wholesale is donating 700 Backpacks. District administrators thanked both companies on behalf of the United ISD Board of Trustees for their generosity over the course of many years.  Local law enforcement agencies were similarly thanked for working closely with District Police to enhance safety and vigilance at all United ISD campuses, offices, and facilities. 

United ISD revealed a new campaign. “Three simple words that tell our story but most importantly tells our community about who we are, the expectations that we have of our students and, last but not least their outcomes, said Associate Superintendent of Administration, Mrs. Gloria S. Rendon.”

U-Belong, U-Evolve, U-Achieve at United ISD!

Belong: Since 1961, UISD has excelled in providing all of its students with superior public school education. Our teachers and administrators collaborate on a daily basis to help students reach their maximum potential in academics, sports, the fine arts, and specialized programs.  As an inclusive school district, UISD has long acknowledged that a sense of belonging is closely linked to a student’s attention and effort in class, completion of learning activities, and overall success. To that end, our teachers work hard to create and maintain nurturing learning environments that foment a sense of cooperation and acceptance among students. 

Evolve: UISD’s curriculum structure between grades k-12 is implemented with continuity in mind-that continuity is vital as students progress to higher grade levels and face increasingly complex academic challenges. The ultimate goal is to help students develop 21st-century skills that lead to a lifetime of success. The skill sets include but are not limited to collaboration, communication, literacy skills, and critical thinking skills. 

Achieve: As the largest A-rated school district in the state with unique demographics, UISD serves over 43,000 students who are 98.8 percent Hispanic, 75.4 percent economically disadvantaged, and 36.1 percent English learners.  Despite these challenges, UISD students perform exceptionally well on state-mandated and standardized assessments and the district boasts a 94.7 percent graduation rate for 2018-well above the region, state, and national level for the eighth year in a row. We prove over and over again that our students achieve, our employees achieve and our District achieves.

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