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Cynthia Gallardo, Science Teacher at LBJ HS Selected As Center for Disease Control Ambassador Fellow

Posted Date: 06/27/2019

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Cynthia Gallardo, a science teacher at Lyndon B. Johnson High School (LBJ), has been selected to participate in the 2019-2020 Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Science Ambassador Fellowship.  The CDC Science Ambassador Fellowship provides training in curriculum design and teaching strategies to engage students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) using real-life epidemiology and public health examples.

Applications poured in from over 20 states and one foreign country; only 27 teachers and four peer leaders were chosen.  A selection committee chose Ms. Gallardo based on her leadership abilities and professional achievements.  Ms. Gallardo is one of only two Texans chosen and the only Laredoan bestowed this honor.  Ms. Gallardo will proudly represent Laredo, LBJ High School, and United ISD at the CDC Headquarters in Atlanta, GA, from July 15-19, 2019 and remotely July 20-30, 2019.  During the first two days of the summer course, CDC scientists will lead sessions on current public health topics and teaching methods for integrating public health sciences into K-12 curricula. During the final three days, they will work collaboratively with CDC scientists and CDC Science Ambassador peer leaders to write lesson plans for our national lesson plan collection published on the CDC Science Ambassador website.

Ms. Gallardo has been with United ISD for the past four years and she teaches Biology 1306/1106 & 1307/1107 for the Early College Program at LBJ.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Health Science with a concentration in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, Maryland.  Congratulations on earning this prestigious appointment, Ms. Gallardo. 

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