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Happy 2019 Diagnosticians’ Week!

Posted Date: 03/04/2019

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Each one of our UISD Diagnosticians is dedicated to our Special Education students through the incredible work they do every day.  By also helping build relationships between students, parents and your campus, by providing your administration and teachers with support, and by working together with you to provide our students every possible opportunity for growth, our Diagnosticians are absolutely vital to the future success of all our students.  

Thank you to all our Diagnosticians!

Ardnt - Elisa Murrillo

Bonnie Garcia - Alicia Reyes-Retana

Borchers - Melissa Mendez

Centeno - Laura Regalado

Clark - Rosie Izquierdo

Col. Santos Benavides - Analee Ochoa

Cuellar - Erica Brewer

Fasken - Marisol Perez

Finley - Veronica Garza

Freedom - Maribel Ramirez

Gutierrez - Samantha Reyes & Leticia Gallegos

Juarez-Lincoln - Rosa Carranza

Kennedy-Zapata - Arlene Rimocal

Kazen - Nidia Volpe & Monica Lopez

Killam - Ana Gonzalez

Malakoff - Aida Puig

Matias De Llano - Ramona Santillan

Muller - Patricia Mireles

Newman - Maricela Molina 

Nye - Rebecca Lopez

Perez - Monica Wright & Patricia Arredondo

Prada - Leticia Tijerina

Roosevelt - Robert Sanchez

Ruiz - Letycia Flores

Salinas - Nora Meza

San Isidro - Gabriela Ramos

STEP & RF - Rosie Perez

Trautmann - Laura Santos

Veterans - Janet Vela-Neira

Zaffirini - Angelica Chavana


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